5K Badassery

All the signs were there so I did it. I signed up for my first 5K. I don’t regret it but I fear it. I fear failing it more than anything.

My husband will have flown in two nights before the 5K and he said he and the kids will be there to support me. When he said that, I cringed. Not for their love and support but for failing them.

So here is an intimate look into the making of a running jogging badass…

Oct 18/Day 1
Walked two miles. Not too bad. Still alive.

Oct 20/Day 2
Decided to jog. Very sore the next day but still alive.

Oct 22
Driving home from L’s gymnastics class, I decide to stop to sign up for the race. Just get it over with. And I did! No turning back now.

Oct 24, 25, 27/Days 3, 4, 5
Jogged at least three miles each day while L was in preschool. Found that I actually look forward to jogging. Well, that isn’t entirely truthful. That feeling doesn’t kick in until a mile into the jog.

Oct 31/Day 6
Do not feel like going to gym and running on treadmill. Feel like going to SB instead. Take preschooler out on her bike, me jogging along.

Great lesson in pacing. “Yikes! Try to pedal in a straight line!” and “Okay, we can stop at the park for five minutes.”

Great lesson in breathing. Try going more than ten seconds without a four year old asking a question.

Great lesson in “Enjoying the Ride”: see pic below.

Who says you can’t wear bright purple wigs when you exercise? And if so, why not on other days besides Halloween?

Nov 1/Day 7
Cold, windy day. Nothing compared to other parts of the world, I am aware, but big change from trick-or-treating last night in the upper 70s.

I run to a compilation of songs that one of the big radio stations in the Bay Area released in the late 90s. Listening to those songs reminds me of my single days of too many nights at dance clubs and bars, too many shots, and too many tubes of MAC lipstick.

All in all, fun times.

But for some reason I just wasn’t as pumped as I was last week. Then I realized I didn’t want to run the same route I always did. I love running around the lake but I didn’t want to run in circles.

I wanted something different.

So I chose a different route and strayed from my safety net of the same course. It was strangely liberating to recognize that I didn’t have to do the same thing over and over.

I didn’t and I felt like a badass.

One thought on “5K Badassery

  1. Good job, girl! Just try to get out every day – even for a little while. If you really feel anti-running one day, just head out and make a plan to run a mile. Very often it gets better, and you end up to running a couple more.

    I can’t wait to read about your next update!!! Keep running 🙂

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