In real life

I’ve been thinking about doing a 5K for a couple of years but have always had enough excuses to put it off. Summers are too hot. Who would watch my kids? Those races are too expensive. When would I train for one since I can’t miss Zumba three or four days a week?

Always had enough excuses until now.

There is a 5K coming up in our town. In November. While R is home. (He ALREADY ran a 5K a few months ago!) And the registration fee is only ten bucks.

Vanessa the esteemed Zumba instructor has seriously sprained her ankle and will not be teaching for quite a while.

L’s preschool is a couple of blocks from the gym but I didn’t go this morning. With iPod in hand, I decided to skip the treadmill and actually walk outdoors, in the sun, without air conditioning. In real life.

Had I not, I would have missed all of this:

How wonderful to have this exist, to be able to enjoy this scenery, and to look forward to doing this again on Thursday.

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