MilSpouse Friday Fill-In #19

So over on Wife of a Sailor, Wife posts questions for other bloggers to answer on their own military spouse blogs. (Still with me so far?) And since L and I are chillin’ at Starbucks while A finishes gymnastics, I thought this might be fun to fill out because I’ve got some time before our church fundraiser at… wait for it… Cold Stone Creamery. Catholics know how to par-tay, non?

1. I always feel like I’m 28 years old, but in reality, I’m CLOSER TO 38.

I turn 37 in October and I don’t feel like I’m in my late-30s. Usually. When I eat right, get enough sleep, and move a lot, of course I feel younger! Of course, I am not doing that right now but that’s okay. I missed today’s Zumba class and Tuesday was a fluke. There was a sub and there are some things that shouldn’t be spoken in a Zumba class such as “GRAPEVINE” and “BOW AND ARROW”. Seriously. I want my instructor to yell out “MERENGUE!” (that word looks like “as in lemon pie”) or “IF YOU DON’T KICK HIGHER, YOU’LL GET YOUR ASS KICKED IN BOOTY CAMP AFTER THIS SONG!”

2. I wish my family understood better when I tell them…

I’m not sure how to answer this one. My family as in relatives are pretty tactless and hence, I say what I mean and mean what I say. Also there are some folks in my family who are old school so they’ll never change their opinions or stop asking questions on matters such as “Why are your kids so skinny?” and “Why don’t you lose weight already?” True story. You can’t win.

My kids have learned to read my moods as in “Don’t bother Mommy if she’s reading or sleeping. Let’s hurry up and play video games and watch as many movies as we can before she notices.”

I suppose I could say, “I wish my husband understood that I will talk to him after heated disagreements but I need time to cool off because I’m afraid I’ll say something hurtful that I’ll never ever be able to take back. Arm yourself with chocolate, dude. Coach purses couldn’t hurt either.” Yep, I’ll say that.

3. If you saw me when I HAVE A SUB JOB IN A HIGH SCHOOL OR JUNIOR HIGH, you’d think I was a total girly-girl, but if you saw me when I AM HAVING A GLASSES DAY OR WHEN I’M DRESSED FOR THE GYM, you’d think I was a tomboy through-and-through.

Teenagers are shallow (hey, I’m shallow too!) and respect me more when I look professional so I dress nice, wear heels, and even put on make-up. For the younger set, I still dress nice but a little more casual. I can let the “motherly instinct” show a bit more too.

4. I feel like I’m in a totally different universe when…

the kids are asleep and I’m lost in a novel or show. It’s really nice to have time to myself even if I have to sometimes sacrifice sleep. Totally worth it. Last night I put the kids to bed at 7:30 pm. They are totally cool with an early bed time, I kid you not. I took a bath and then watched some random Generation Whiner movie I DVR’d last week.

5. In honor of this being MFF #60… 60 months ago (exactly 5 years ago, so September 30, 2006) I lived in VIRGINIA BEACH JUST OUTSIDE OF JEB LITTLE CREEK and my life was totally different because I WAS WORKING AS A FIRST GRADE TEACHER WITH TWO KIDS IN PRESCHOOL AND TOTALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO MY HUSBAND COMING HOME FROM DEPLOYMENT.

Of course it’s kinda the same because I still work in a school, still have one in preschool (though it’s the third one, our little souvenir from that deployment), and still waiting for my husband to come home!

Wow, we were quite the hotties eleven years ago…

Engagement pic. We got married September 30, 2000... 11 years ago! Whoa! We're old!

Last March right before the accident. Hope we get to go to Disneyland again in December…

Happy 11th anniversary mi amor! Je t'aime, mahal kita, te quiero over and over...

Have a wonderful weekend!

3 thoughts on “MilSpouse Friday Fill-In #19

  1. Awww!! I love your pictures! Y’all are so cute together. 🙂

    And I totally hear you on the “let me be mad for awhile” thing. My Hubs always wants to talk it out THIS.EXACT.MOMENT. I’m just not made that way. I need to cool down first, just like you.

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