You don’t know

You don’t know…

… how good a hot bath feels on a random school night, reading the newest issue of Entertainment Weekly, and playing NKOTB softly in the background.

… how fast my feelings for Mr. Schuester have changed in a year. No longer swoon-worthy, sorry to say. I have a new love and he is Blaine.

… how much I love Idina back on Glee. FAAAAABULOUS!

… how disappointing Zumba was this morning. One should not hear the phrase “bow-and-arrow” in any fitness class, let alone a Zumba class!

… how silly Quinn’s storyline is. REALLY?!

… how adorable Puck was when he saw his daughter for the first time.

… how hard it is not to write about Glee when it’s on right now.

… how frickin’ pitiful I am when I try to quit sugar. I think about it all the time. It should be an indication of how stressful life is and I should find other ways to cope but dammit, sometimes I need a handful of chocolate chips and I’m good.

… how my junk drawers became junk-y again, do you?

… how difficult it is to wake up some days and force myself to think happy thoughts. Usually it works. Usually.

… how fast our kids are growing up.

… how many plans the kids have already made for Daddy when he gets out here in November.

… how many times a day each kid asks about Daddy. When is he coming home? Can he stay a long time this time?

… why my dog is chasing her tail and in the meantime scratching my arm, do you?

… how odd it is to celebrate eleven years of marriage when the number of years actually spent under the same of your true love is less than half that time!

… how wonderful it is to have kids who are okay with going to bed at 7 pm for the girls and 8 pm for the boy. Hence my bubble bath and Glee!

… how incredibly lonely it is some nights when you think of something seemingly important or hilarious right before you go to bed but then realize your spouse has been asleep for three hours… three time zones away.

You DO know…

… I get sad sometimes but I get over it eventually. It might take a few thousand calories but oh well. What are ya gonna do?

… I’m thankful and grateful for everything and everyone in my life, for my past experiences and even past mistakes, and excited about what tomorrow may bring.

… I’m going to get a bowl of rocky road ice cream before New Girl starts!

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