Lies I Told Myself Today

1. It’s okay to spill accidentally cat food on the floor and not pick it up right away or at all. Cats will eat off of any surface and dogs will eat anything, right?

2. Mark Ruffalo is cute in every movie. Watching “The Kids Are Alright” and he’s kind of goofy in a dorky way, not in a cute way as in “13 Going On 30”. It’s still early in the movie though…

3. It’s okay to be naive and say, “Really? I have to pay for parking at a baseball game?” Was going to try to use that excuse at the next game in a couple of weeks but then I’d be lying. In front of the kids.

4. It’s okay to have ice cream and two brownies a brownie on the same day because I didn’t have them at the same time and also I am going to Zumba tomorrow to repent in the House of Vanessa-Who-Kicks-My-Ass.

5. It’s okay to slightly push our kids. In our case, gymnastics. ALL THREE are on Preteam, meaning as soon as they are ready and/or seven years old, they will be going to gymnastics meets and competing.

I put the kids in gymnastics as a distraction. After R’s accident I wanted the kids to be in something they could enjoy together, especially after everything they/we were going through. And what do you know… they were good at it.

So good that within the first couple of months both the girls were asked to join preteam (though L would wait until she turned four this past July) and after the boys’ coach turnover, M was asked to join as well.

While M had reservations about competing (nerves, didn’t want to wear a leotard, etc.), A keeps asking me “When am I going to win medals already?!” The other boys’ moms said they were in the same boat but we all agreed we’d put up a united front because

(1) our sons should try it for one year just so the boys can say they’ve done it and

(2) we already paid the club fee.

Alas, the boys’ coach came through: CASH PRIZES. Ahhh… now he’s speaking their language.

Slap me when I start to sound like one of those Dance Moms on TLC. Well, maybe you should offer me a brownie first and then break it to me gently.

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