Missed connections

Our family minus the cats

If you’ve ever been away from the love of your life for any amount of time, you might have been through this as well.

The first part of your separation hurts like stomach cramps when you’ve eaten bad seafood but instead of hurting in your tummy, your heart hurts. And having been separated from my husband numerous times, it doesn’t get any better. You just learn to live with it and distract yourself whether it’s with work or the kids or your super fab blog.

We’ve gotten to the part when our separate lives have fully taken us over. He’s adjusted to his time change being three hours ahead. I’ve been thrown back into child rearing and chore procrastination running the household.

He’s been on out-of-state trainings already. We’re in a constant state of go: school, gymnastics, birthday parties, playdates, cooling off in the pool, zumba,… and on and on.

Lately we’ve haven’t been connecting.

It’s a little sad for me because I’ve never been the Valentine’s-Day-big-gesture kinda gal. I’m more of “think of me often and daily”. I appreciate random moments of kindness. Cadbury bar from the commissary, my favorite and always hidden up in the pantry. A diet Coke for me from Taco Bell even though I didn’t want anything from there but we didn’t have any in the house, so why not? Saying “I love you”. Often. And sometimes even in public.

It’s the little things I appreciate in our marriage so when he’s busy driving to a training in North Carolina or I’m at a pool party at a friend’s house and can’t talk because I don’t want to be the @sshole friend on the phone, I miss our connections a little more.

I miss him a little more.

November seems like such a long time away from now. I have to stay positive for the kids. I have to stay positive for him, for me, and for us.

The kids still mention how far away Thanksgiving is but the oldest one is seeing the silver lining: “I guess it’s only two or three months away.”

Only. Poor kid.

At least I have these three adorable, brilliant, and witty reminders of him, of our love for each other. He’s got a “geobachelor” label and no one to count down the days with.

I would trade places with him in a heartbeat just to take away any of the heartache he’s endured. I hope he knows that. Until then, I’ll have to make sure we make our connections as meaningful and as often as possible.

One thought on “Missed connections

  1. Hang in there!I have nothing in my experience to relate this to so I won’t try philosophizing about it, just know that you and families in the same boat are being thought of.

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