The Friend Code

So there’s a Guy Code that’s only been referenced a dozen times in TV shows and movies this year, I think there should be a Friend Code, Navy Wife Chronicles style. Please feel free to add your own.

Friends ALWAYS…

1. Tell friends about all things Nordstrom: new catalogues, clearance sales, cute shoes alerts, and Half-Yearly sales.

2. Tell friends about gunk stuck in your teeth.

3. Pick up their friendship as if no time has passed.

4. Look out for you when you’re sad, sick, or having a bad hair day.

5. Listen between the lines but back off if the other needs some time alone.

6. Use discretion when it comes to exes, muffin tops, and those weekends in Vegas.

Friends NEVER…

1. Collect information to keep track of who’s “doing more”.

2. Have to lie when they need to change plans. “Just don’t feel like it” is all I need. No offense taken!

3. Lecture or nag. In the end, friends will voice their concerns but will recognize that her friend is a grown woman and will figure it out on her own.

What unspoken rules do you and your friends abide by? Do you have an inspiring friendship tale? What kind of friend rules would make this world a better place?

10 thoughts on “The Friend Code

    • Thanks Tif! Love the pics of your beautiful family BTW! Maybe you don’t have the same experience as me but I’m wondering if you recognize one of OUR friends in the Friend Code; particularly a friend who you might not hear from for a gazillion years as sweet and wonderful as she may be but you still pick up where you left off…

  1. Well, in *my* case (and I’m sure you can relate), my friends really must understand that there are some days where I simply can’t get out of bed, and they just have to deal with it, without being offended, irritated, etc. etc. etc.

    LOVE the code!

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