Sleeping arrangements

My husband is home for a couple of weeks and it’s sooooo nice. I feel spoiled. Someone is in the house to help me with the kids, to take one for the team and wake up early with them, and to paint my toenails just because I asked nicely.

We don’t always share the same bed though when he’s home. And this actually started after I was pregnant with our first child.

If you’ve ever been pregnant or have known anyone who was pregnant, you know that it is extremely hard to get comfortable. Even harder to STAY comfortable. The growing baby in my expanding belly demanded rib eye steaks every night for dinner and hot dogs, eggs, and rice at four in the morning. I couldn’t get comfortable at night. It was fall in Augusta, Georgia and I insisted on opening the sliding door in our bedroom because it was too hot. Meanwhile, my poor husband had to bundle himself in a huge blanket next to me.

Sometimes it wasn’t even about the temperature. I needed something to hug. I used a body pillow for a while but even that was no match for the humongous orb.

During one long afternoon nap (aren’t they all?), I found that if I swung my arm and leg over the side of the couch just so, I could sleep like I was hugging something as wide as me. And there I retreated every time I couldn’t sleep in our bed.

Most people whose spouses are away frequently know that you get so used to sleeping alone. It takes a few days or even weeks to readjust to falling asleep alone but once you past that point, it’s not so bad. You get to stay up as late as you want, reading or surfing the web, without worrying if your partner wants to stay up too. You get to spread out and sleep literally in the shape of a star. Every appendage can touch opposite edges of the bed. You don’t have to sleep on YOUR SIDE.

There is no side.

Then your spouse comes back and you’re cuddling and it’s wonderful and you miss the way he smells, the way he knows exactly how to hug you so you can fall asleep, the way he talks about stuff you might not be interested in but listen anyway because he loves it so you do too. Or at least pretend to anyway.

And then you remember that he snores. Or that he likes eating Taco Bell at nine o’clock at night.

And then you’re up thinking about it. Pretty soon you get tired too. Might even catch yourself snoring also.

Then you’re up worrying about whether or not you’ll wake your partner up. Insomnia takes over. You make the trek downstairs to that couch that hugged you back every time you were pregnant so he can have a good night’s sleep in his own bed in his own house.

Yes, you’re bummed that you’re not in the same bed but nothing compares to knowing that at least he’s IN your bed and not across the country or across the world.

He’s home and that’s alright with you.

There’s always tomorrow night.

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