The truth comes out

A couple weeks ago my husband ran a 5K for the first time since his accident in April. Naturally he paid the price the following weekend. Sore muscles. Had to use his cane again. Relaxed on the couch most of the time.

I asked him how his physical therapist felt about his time in the race. Was he proud that he wasn’t the last one crossing the finish line? Wasn’t he proud that he ran regardless?

My husband’s reply: “Um, no. Of course I didn’t tell my PT!”

Only my husband can drive me nuts from three timezones away.

The day my husband realized he was strong enough to stand by himself sometime last year. Still without permission from his physical therapist.

3 thoughts on “The truth comes out

  1. Tell him not to push to hard he could set himself back, there are ex-force’s here who are now sportsmen/woman but they took 18 – 24 month’s to get to full fitness, some of them lost both leg’s.

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