Life lessons learned from my kids, #14-25

Best time to tell Mommy you're thirsty. At Starbucks, of course.

14. Always look for rainbows in the sky.

15. When you find a rainbow, tell someone quick!

16. If you’re supernice to the sibling you were just mean to a minute ago, Mommy forgets how mad she is at the both of you.

17. Dogs make good pillows.

18. You can absolutely have a bowl of cereal and eat it without milk. Use a spoon too. Mommy will give you a look like she’s confused but that’s okay.

19. Mommy sends us to our room so we can calm down but its also a break for her to stop yelling.

20. Roly poly bugs are the most fascinating creatures in the world. Until you see an ant.

21. You can’t jump on the trampoline without screaming at the top of your lungs. It’s just not right.

22. Huggies and kissies are the best when you least expect it.

23. Apparently you can have too many Twinkies if you and your sisters go through two boxes and Mommy didn’t get any.

24. Soda tastes better when you can only have it once a week.

25. Don’t bother telling Mommy you’re thirsty when you’re at a store. She’ll just tell you to wait until we get home because she already pays for tap water. Being at Starbucks is a different story.

Kids made this for a Veteran's Day parade three years ago

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