Life lessons learned from my kids, #1-13

1. Every morning and bath prep should include jumping on the bed, preferably to Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep”.

2. Choose fruit for snacks. Have junk after a healthy meal if there’s room.

3. When there’s nothing to do, jump on the trampoline.

4. If you’re tired, go to bed.

5. If Mommy says no, ask Daddy.

6. When in doubt, ask your siblings for help.

7. Always protect your siblings. You never know when a mean two year old is running rampant through the playland.

8. If you want something, don’t say anything. Chances are someone will get tired of it and give it to you anyway.

9. Save the junk food for movie night.

10. Leave the cats alone.

11. Dog kisses are fun until you remember where he’s been.

12. If Mommy looks mad, don’t look at your sibling. They’ll just make you laugh and then Mommy will REALLY get mad.

13. Don’t complain or someone will give you something to complain about.

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